Things That Are Commonly Settled During Divorce Mediation

Things That Are Commonly Settled During Divorce Mediation

Divorces can sometimes be difficult matters that leave two people who no longer wanting to be together having to separate some very important things. This can include such things as shared divorceassets and possessions, and the right to live in a home. Because the process of separating these things are so difficult, a lot of people end up in a divorce court where they may spend a lot of time and money. However, a better option is to see if the matter can be resolved by having a lawyer for divorce mediation. This process involves hiring an independent lawyer who is able to help the two parties involved talk about the issues, and then come up with a solution that will hopefully set matters to rest.

One major advantage of using a divorce mediator is that they are able to tell people how to take care of some basic issues that they are not sure that they should go through. One of these are things such as closing joint accounts, settling debts to each other, and dividing investments. A lawyer is able to oversee the matter in order to make sure that both parties get what is owed to them, which usually gives them enough assurance to go through with the matter. A divorce lawyer can even help people divide assets without having to cash them out, which means that a divorcing couple does not have to lose money through the process of selling investments. Once the process of dividing assets is complete, a divorce attorney can create a list of everything that was divided, and then have each party sign the list so that the whole matter will be settled for good.


A divorce mediator is also able to handle the job of dividing assets that cannot be sold. One of these are things such as homes that both parties don’t want to sell, or the right to stay in an apartment. The divorce attorney can arrange for one person to buy the asset from the other, or to make sure that they will receive their share of the profits from the sale of a home. Divorce mediators are even able to handle the job of dividing things such as furniture, electronics, and pets.

The ability to have a divorce mediator oversee the division of assets means that the two divorcing people can quickly have this matter put to close, which is usually the last thing that is preventing them both from moving on with their lives.